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Better Outcomes for a Brighter Future
Zephyr AI is building novel transparent AI to address unmet needs across the full spectrum of Precision Medicine from prevention to treatment to improve patients’ lives.
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Our Story

Zephyr AI’s story begins with three accomplished entrepreneurs who set out to achieve an ambitious goal: to combine cutting-edge artificial intelligence with the entire body of knowledge about how normal and cancer cells function, to make accurate and proactive therapeutic predictions and precision medicine a reality for everyone. Motivated by their shared desire to bring an end to cancer, the trio originally situated the company within the oncology space, where troves of available data provided fertile ground for AI research, and the potential to make a positive impact on patient lives, enormous. Since then, Zephyr AI has broadened its predictive analytic capabilities and products to incorporate chronic conditions and a variety of outcome events.

From the very beginning, science has been a guiding force at Zephyr AI. With a diverse team of luminaries consisting of the best and brightest scientists and engineers the world has to offer, we have been developing tools geared toward producing insights that can extend and improve the quality of patients’ lives; save payers and providers money; and enable clinicians to confidently predict and prevent adverse events.

Since our inception, we have never lost sight of the ambitious goals that led to our founding. From searching for predictive signals of therapeutic response in cell line data, to building technology to illuminate the inner workings of our AI so our insights are easily interpreted by those who use them, we are convinced that our technology will be the answer to unlocking the potential of precision care and paving the way to cures of devastating diseases like cancer and diabetes.

We endeavor to see beyond the problems that are immediately in front of us; we are striving to build new frameworks to answer questions that have not yet been asked. We are passionately and rigorously examining latent truths – those that exist but have not yet been exposed or explained. Our approach is designed to see what others have not; to shine a light on insights previously unknown; and to be a catalyst for positive change in the delivery of Precision Medicine.
Our Values


Patient Focused

We never lose sight of what is important. We are committed to making a meaningful impact on patient lives.


We value transparency in our technology, our machine learning models, and from one another.


We seek and embrace inclusivity and diversity — of data, of ideas, and people.


We are committed to thinking outside of the box to develop solutions to healthcare’s toughest problems.